Wisconsin Policy Forum Report on Parks and Rec, EMS/Fire Services

The Wisconsin Policy Forum independent study on regional Parks & Rec and Fire & EMS shared services just released. Access both reports by clicking here. You can also watch a recording of the presentation here. We're seeking community feedback - get informed and let your elected officials know what you think by taking the survey. 

Our desire is for an informed public dialogue and decision-making process. A recording of last night's public meeting is available on Facebook; please take a look and tell us your opinion on these potential options for increasing local governmental cooperation.

Recorded Meeting:  Click here to view on Facebook

The Report
In early December at an open public meeting, the Wisconsin Policy Forum will present their research on possible options our regional municipal leaders could consider to work more closely to benefit each municipality and the region as a whole. We want our community members to have a chance to ask questions and comment in person. We’ll let you know ASAP when that date is.

Below are links to their reports:
Link:  Options for Improving Parks & Recreation Services In Greater Racine
Link:  Fire and EMS Services in Greater Racine Report

Your Input
This week, the Wisconsin Policy Forum presented options on its independent analysis and potential options for County and Municipal Parks & Recreation and Fire/EMS services. Our leaders need to hear your thoughts on these options! Please take this survey and share with your neighbors.

Link:  Take the survey