A note from the President

Happy Spring Village Residents

I would like to welcome Kari Villalpando and Stuart TenCate as the newly elected Trustees on the Board. I look forward working with both of them. I would also like to thank John Johnson and Mark Villalpando for their years of service on the Board. Your knowledge and experience will be missed.
The Construction season is in full force. Please slowdown in the construction zones, and be aware of the additional traffic during the road closers around the Village. Hwy 11 and Hwy K exit and entrance ramps are closed long term. Hwy 20 ramps will be open during the closer.
The Recycling Center is now open on Saturdays with new hours from 8am to 1200pm. Starting  June 5th, the Recycling Center will also be open on Wednesdays from 215pm to 615pm. Please make sure you sign in and list the items you are dropping off.
The Village continues with our road work, with storm sewer pipes being installed when roads are being upgraded with new asphalt. It is an ordinance for a number of years that is helping get storm water that is being discharged by sump pumps and from the roads and residents yards into the storm water system, and get the water to the detention ponds. This has helped the Village with heavy rain events where some flooding has occurred.
As a reminder, look forward to Memorial Day Parade that has returned to the Village on Saturday at 10:00 am during the Memorial Day weekend. The July 3rd fireworks are also on this year at dusk. Thanks to Festival Foods for their generous donation towards the fireworks, to help us give a bigger and better show. We have added additional Porta Johns this year at Fireman’s Park to help reduce the long waiting lines.
Wishing for some sunny and warm weather to come,

Jayme Hoffman
Village President