A note from the President

Happy Fall Village Residents

I hope you all enjoyed your summer, as it sure did fly by.  The Village Hall is taking shape with the remodel  that is currently going on.  The Village Hall was built and moved in back in 1991. It was well over due to be updated. Completion is expected to be at the end of November. Thanks for working with us as we continue business as usual during this time.
I would like to remind the Village Residents that we have ordinances in place to help keep the Village both safe and attractive. I have received several complaints lately regarding grass being cut and blown into the street. This is not allowed for two reasons. First, it makes it unsafe for bikes, scooters, and motorcycles when driven over. It makes a slick area where accidents can happen, and someone could get hurt. Second, the grass ends up in the storm sewer and costs the Village a lot of time and money to clean them out. Besides it is not appealing to the rest of the Village.  Please either mulch or bag your grass.  Second, trailers of any sort should not be parked on the road. All trailers need to be completely connected to a licensed vehicle, and not be parked that way over 24 hours.  It is also wise to not park directly in front of a stop sign, or close to an intersection if your trailer has any height to it. You can’t block the visual triangle of any intersection that is needed to both drivers and pedestrians as they safely approach an intersection.
Since fall is here, a reminder not to blow your leaves into the street.  You can either blow them to the boulevard between the street and sidewalk, or bag them and take them to the recycling center. The last thing any of us want, with all the rain we have been receiving, is the sewer grates get blocked, and flooding begins.  
Exciting news! Auto Zone has bought the old Hardees restaurant on Durand and has approval by the Planning Commission and Village Board to raze the building, and build a new store. It will be nice to see some new development in the main Hwy 11 corridor. Ashley Capital has also been approved for another building to be constructed, and Dayton Freight is almost complete with their new development.   
The Holiday train will be stopping again in Sturtevant at the Train Depot on December 2nd. Stay tuned for expected arrival in Sturtevant as we get closer to the event. The Holiday Train last year raised over 1.3 million and over 200,000 pounds of food in 2018.

Jayme Hoffman
Village President